Monday, December 4, 2006 Operation seduction.

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Monday, December 4, 2006 Operation seduction. I wrote in a column of 17 November "is seen to the right, in this context of the Royal nomination, and after his remarks, it is now flatter and seduce teachers" .We was right then the case of the video of Angers. This is the same city that Nicolas Sarkozy gave a speech on Friday 1 December, where much was education. It is addressed to "masters", these "wonderful" teachers are the new "black hussars of the Republic" resistant "to the ease and demagoguery instructions of Education." Denouncing "the State (which) began experiencing duty to rescue by not ensuring their protection and authority." And he adds, in a direct allusion to Segolene Royal: "Instead of criticizing teachers who are tutoring to supplement insufficient income, [increasing] the remuneration of those who accept complementary missions. ". But the" seduction "stops there, behind those about circumstances for a public flatter yet few inclined to vote for him, hides a "muscular" project and with real pieces of "rupture" in it …. End of the school board and PTA, school autonomy and educational projects, more frequent evaluation of teachers, not on pedagogies taught but on student achievement, educational freedom. all this in a speech already popularized by every school declinists describing the "the h ypocrisie tray, which gradually sells off "or" two-tier school, the beautiful areas where they teach the great authors and scientific reasoning, and the popular neighborhoods, where one asks teachers to replace the Flowers of evil by rap songs, masterpieces of literature by the movies they inspired, whole books by selected pieces and essays by QCM. " Finally the top (or rather the background …) is achieved with the passage of his speech where he explicitly chooses the camp of the "anti-pedagogues" "By making the student the author of his own knowledge, a mad ideology has the student instead of the teacher …. by putting parents at the same level as children, an insane ideology has covered the families of contempt … Finally, leveling the demands from below, a mad ideology broke tool of equal opportunities ". The presence of Marc Le Bris (Save the letters) to the UMP convention on education was not accidental … Also note in your newspapers. The terms "Employment" Liberation is interested in the world of work by children. We learn that dreams are not what they were. No more cosmonauts and firefighters. Now we dream of being a star. As in real life, it is made of unemployment: "It’s when you made a big mistake in your work, like when you redoubles to school" (Kevin, 9). We’ll leave the last word to Fabien, 10, "you have to work but not too much, otherwise it is edgy, like mom and dad …". Good reading… ——————————————— – 04/12/06 Liberation the French "them" as illuminating Two visions of the city youth at the time of yet another law on delinquency. They and we, Joel Roman (Hachette Literature), Apology breaker Serge Roure (Michalon). Read more of the article attacked Royal Education Without naming it, Nicolas Sarkozy Segolene Royal tackled Friday about the teachers at a public meeting in Angers. Read more of the article "Very few parents show what merry’s in their profession" For Catherine Dolto, psychotherapist, adults too often devalue their own profession. […] Adults do not realize the impact of their words on children. Very often they describe their work as something painful. Very few parents show what can be joyful in their trade. The children, most often hear the complaint of the parents on the head or on the fellow. Parents often say: "My work fascinates me." Read more of the article The world of work through children When I grow up … To listen, children want (almost all) become artists, famous and to be on television. Perhaps because they are austere and fuzzy idea of ??work More Article veterinarian or driver, and grounded in a college in sensitive suburbs of Lyon, students
are often rooted in reality. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 04/12/06 Sarkozy immersed in the bath of the campaign President of the UMP has dedicated its first meeting yesterday candidate to education, he wants to put at the heart of his project. […] In the region where output is the famous video of Segolene Royal asked that teachers do 35 hours Nicolas Sarkozy’s speech to "black hussars of the Republic" who "refuse to change their course because they are ZEP not aHenri-IV ". "That one stops paying school with Desmots and given him the means to have results," he asked, gathering his proposals in a formula: "The Republic does that one duty vis-a-vis the school, and the school one duty vis-a-vis the Republic. the duty of success "But the task is huge, as acknowledged by the applicant describing the "hypocrisy of the tank, which gradually sells off" or "two-tier school, the beautiful areas where they teach the great authors and scientific reasoning, and that of the neighborhoods where we ask teachers to replace the Flowers of evil by rap songs, masterpieces of literature by the movies they inspired, whole books by selected pieces and essays by QCM " . In the table, Nicolas Sarkozy does not forget to point out that "there must be a balance, a decent place between the uniform and low waist jeans that reveals too much." This is his response to antistring struggle of Segolene Royal as Minister for School Education. Read more of the article The UMP candidate wants to promote a "school of excellence" In favor of autonomy, hostile to one college, the candidate wants to file for bankruptcy of PTA and individualize the experience of pupils. Read more of the article Sexual mutilation have not disappeared in France Despite a tougher law, these barbaric traditions remain, more discreetly. The Ministries of Health and Social Cohesion together professionals today to strengthen prevention. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 02/12/06 (a day late) Gilles de Robien, a manager at the college Between controversies on grammar, the Minister of Education came profess the corporate culture at third students. […] Already included in the common base, knowledge of the company should also make its entry into teacher education. As part of its ongoing capitalist apprentices, Gilles de Robien announced yesterday that it plans to make mandatory the "passage in business" at the course at the IUFM. "It is for the school to learn the sense of initiative," says the minister. Read more of the article Child soldiers neoliberalism Sparagano By Michel, professor of philosophy. Not very big, in the twelve years, black, a boy with a gun pointed to the ground because too much to bear, this is for us the image of the child soldier reported, mostly in Africa, by a television is not stingy. How did I get to make the link with the television report where we experimented in the United States a new teaching in a primary school? It showed a very elegant lady, sup executive in a bank come and explain to children of eight, ten years as their piggy bank is just one and it’s in there is a savings to grow! It followed a course on what an investment interest. I thought then that there are lands that till very early. No doubt these children will know very quickly that the world is a market where relationships are, first, trade. They will prepare, perhaps, then great schools where they will confirm that the world is a jungle and the standard competition. Helping a friend will be a clear sign that we do not deserve to occupy some positions which are counted. […] Read more of the article ————— ————————————- Le Parisien on 04/12/06 (paying) Jordan 14, lives in JORDAN hotel has not six when he left Abidjan (Ivory Coast) to join her mother, who secretly lives in a maid’s room with her youngest. The social worker, the following is not the most effective. In any case, many … Read More Article ———————————– ————- the Cross of 04/12/06 Sarkozy, Bayrou: compare Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Bayrou programs, respectively presidents of the UMP and UDF are both officially candidates in the presidential election. Their programs show divergence. "The Cross" examines ten themes of the project. […] 5. Prepare the future of our children on this subject, the differences between the two parties are numerous. The party of Nicolas Sarkozy wants to "give autonomy to schools" and academic freedom for teachers. The removal of the school map is presented as a "logical consequence" of this competition between school projects. Conversely, Francois Bayrou refuses this "recognition of the law of the market in national education." Finally, Nicolas Sarkozy wants to "allow all parents who wish to choose for their children an institution limiting afternoon sports activities, cultural and associative." The UDF insists, conversely, on "the intangible knowledge base" (oral and written language, numeracy, cultural background). UMP and UDF want to establish as a "civic service" compulsory for young men as well as girls. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— 20 minutes from 04/12/06 robbery missed an economics teacher and two of his students an economics professor and two students were arrested after failed miserably in the turning of a lady who brought the bank 50,000 euros, the result of the collection of a savings club did said Sunday of judicial source. The professor, teaching in a high school in Sarrebourg (Moselle), had entrusted his money worries these two students to young adults, who were all devoted to him. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Metro (Paris) from 04/12/06 Nothing seen … —————————– ——————- West of France 04/12/06 the muscular Sarkozy project for the school in Angers, president of the UMP planted milestones to "make academic progress the engine of social progress." In a speech of "rupture" with "hypocrisy", the president of the UMP said he wanted to make the school "a place of protection, security and compliance." "To us to act for the academic progress again become the engine of social progress," said the president of the UMP. He sounded the hour for the right "to assume its ambition" in education: "We can longer abandon education to those who make the playground of their outdated ideologies. »Read more of the article gives the student schoolboy ambition hundred thousand students, guardians of 100,000 college students: the device intended by the Minister de Robien, is in place. First meeting in Nantes … Read More Article Alert adolescents seeking rapid intoxication Case alcoholic coma in college and high school worried doctors and academic world. Read more of the article neglects too State agricultural education France is wrong to neglect agricultural education. In a report submitted to the Senate, Francoise Ferat (centrist) is alarmed. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 05/12/06 Nicolas Sarkozy defended the teachers against the state, "which does not provide protection" our his first official candidate rally, Friday 1 December in Angers, Nicolas Sarkozy chose to address an audience abandoned by the right: these professors "admirable" those he called now only "masters". One way to get a place in this market already crowded by Segolene Royal and Francois Bayrou and out symbolically to his role as interior minister. Now, his will is to address "all" and "to seek both the voter of the FN, women and men left who believe in the movement, the abstainers". The candidate of the "everything is possible" is particularly targeted teachers zonnes educational priority (ZEP) which we want to "anger shut up for a premium of 80 euros per month." In them, Mr. Sarkozy sees the new "black hussars of the Republic" resistant "to the ease and demagoguery instructions of Education." Denouncing "the State (which) began experiencing person in danger not helping by not ensuring their protection and authority", he started this challenge: In five years, the deprived institutions, institutions excellence. Read more of the article Public Health: out of denial on Alcohol Free speech around alcohol and engage in public debate on how to reduce their use: such was the ambitious objective of the States General alcohol, which were held from October 7 to November 25 in the 26 regions of metropolitan France and overseas territories. Throughout the meetings, the uneven success, the forums have revealed the social representations of alcohol and concerns about its consumption at risk. […] The consciousness that alcohol is a risk product has, however, clearly expressed in the general. Deemed vulnerable populations such as youth, raise major concerns. Although binge drinking (drinking weekend) is less common in France than in Britain or in the Nordic countries, many parents are alarmed at the heavy alcohol abuse weekend. School nurses testified that some college students were drinking at the age of 12. To remedy this, the participants wished that the ban on selling alcohol to under 16 be effectively enforced by the retailers drink, and that the units of alcohol contained in each bottle is clearly identified. They also call for regulation of alcohol producers marketing on student parties, some are free flowing bottles of important stocks. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 04/12/06 Nothing seen … ————————————– – the of 04/12/06 there will alcohol toast? To the chagrin of farmers lobbies, the consumption reduction target is now a priority for the government. Prevention, information restrictions …? December 5 will be completed in France the "States General of alcohol", intended to pave the way for "an overhaul of the health policy" on the matter More Article ——- ————————————————– – a selection of in dispatches 04/12/06 SNES and CIPF: Robien "the note must renounce school life" the main union of the second degree, the SNES-FSU and the largest federation of parents CIPF, asked in a joint statement Sunday to Education Minister Gilles de Robien to "give up the note school life" approach to the class councils. Read more from the article "Republicans Referrals" organized by RESF in Yvelines The Education Network Without Borders (RESF) organized two ceremonies Saturday "Republican sponsorship" in the Yvelines, the most important, in the afternoon Sartrouville in the presence of local officials, brought together 150 people, said a journalist from AFP. Read more of the article Peep satisfied the return of "grammar lesson" to school federation of parents of public education (Peep) declared Saturday "satisfied" the report linguist Alain Bentolila advocating the return true during grammar class, with less jargon. Read more of the article Sarkozy wants to preserve school racketeering, violence and drugs Nicolas Sarkozy, candidate for president, said Friday night in Angers (Maine-et-Loire) he wanted preserve the school of "racketeering, violence and drugs." Read more of the article Drome: a kindergarten on fire by two minor Two minors 13 and 14 years were arrested on the night of Sunday to Monday after setting fire to a class of kindergarten La Laupie ( Drome), adjacent to the village hall, do we learned from a judicial source. Read more of the article Delinquency Act: Sgen CFDT against the transmission of information to mayors The federation of schools, colleges and high schools Sgen CFDT amounted Saturday against the new role of the mayor in the fight against absenteeism school, Wednesday passed in the national Assembly during the vote Sarkozy’s bill on crime. Read more of the article Goulard: 50% of volunteers universities for pre-registration in February "Half the universities are willing to establish as early as February 2007 pre-registration at the university," said Monday the press in Paris the Minister for higher Education Francois Goulard. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- democracy needs of the press. The press needs readers to live … Read and buy newspapers! Posted by Watrelot on Monday, December 4, 2006

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